James E. Rivard

193 Ashland Ave.

Bflo., NY 14222




Dear Elmwood business proprietor,

In an effort to promote local film makers, and local businesses, a film festival of locally produced short films is planned for October.

The films to be shown will be selected from formal submissions to the Elmwood Stories Short-film festival. Submission deadline is September 12th, 2005. A panel of judges from the local professional and educational community will judge the merit of the submissions, with a grading rubric to make grading the films as fair as possible.

I have registered to create a film for submission, and have developed a script, and have reserved a camera and microphone for the weekend of August 27th & 28th.

I would like to feature your business establishment in my film, as well as other local businesses. The title of the film will be Elmwood Shoots.

The contest limits the length of the film to 15 minutes, so the amount of film devoted to each business will be very brief. We will minimize disruption of your daily routine, and expect to film only about 2 minutes of dialog.

The schedule is to shoot on Saturday, the 27th, during normal business hours, without need for lights, and with a very small number of people. There will only be two actors, and technicians for the camera and sound.

The film is trying to highlight the stores on Elmwood which have been good neighbors, and unique spots to find goods or services which are not available in big box establishments.

Will you allow us to use your establishment? The film will show your storefront, and your store name.





James E. Rivard